What is the cost of New Year’s Resolutions?

Where can Women cut Costs in 2017?

The New Year is finally here! The festivities with loved ones have come and gone, and now it’s time to evaluate where you ladies are at financially. The gents in the crowd are shelling out less on a monthly basis. The pink tax issue is more relevant than ever, but the genders each pay more for different things. Where can you cut cost in 2017? Whether your New Year’s resolution involves accentuating your beauty, planning a family, changing your wardrobe, or buying a new car, these items are likely connected to how you will spend money in 2017.

Hygiene and Cosmetics? That’s on the Ladies

Traditionally, women are perceived as those more aesthetically inclined. We spend more money on looking (and smelling) nice, but why is it an issue? A feminine razor adorned with pink plastic will cost at least 1.5 times more than its masculine counterpart. The same goes for anything from body wash to deodorant. Women can opt for the male version, but many are deterred by the strong smells and the labels. Well, treating yourself like a lady may not be in your bank account’s best interest. You can thank the good ole pink tax for that one, and this also affects clothes, toys for children, and anything else you can think of marketing to either gender.

Many men-targeted products can the job just fine, and can save you a few bucks a month. Don’t want to smell like a man? You don’t have to if you go with the unscented versions of body wash, for example. However, I must add the disclaimer that perfumes and other scented products will smell differently on different people. In other words, you are unlikely to smell like a lumberjack if you use a sandalwood scented anything.

Auntie Flo

This time it’s a bloody mess, folks. There isn’t any other way to say that, as women are being punished further for nature taking its course. Several states in the U.S. actually voted for making tampons more expensive. The new side effect to periods is that now you are paying more for a normal bodily function. Sorry, gentlemen, we can’t ‘just control [our] damn bladders’, as one uneducated, delusional twitter user so eloquently suggested.

Sadly, only five states have actively made decisions not to tax tampons: Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and New Jersey. The rest either don’t have a sales tax or don’t consider tampons a “necessity.” (Fusion, These are the U.S. states that tax women for having periods)

Basically, the reasoning behind the tampon tax is that tampons are not a necessity but a luxury item. Does that sound ridiculous to you? Well, that is because it is. Many women in prisons or who are homeless across the U.S. don’t have access to period related products at all. Not only is that unhygienic, but I believe it is mostly cruel. Even if you are a free and financially independent woman, there is not one good reason for you to pay extra for these products.

Feeling the Wage Gap

Thinking about changing jobs this year? You may be paying more than men for several products, from clothes to hygiene products, but you sure aren’t getting paid more. For every dollar a man makes for working a full time job, a woman makes 78 cents for doing the very same. Women are also not as encouraged to go to colleges and universities as their masculine counterparts, especially for STEM related professions. For example, engineering is considered a man’s job, and it is also a male-dominated territory.

Car Insurance, Gentlemen

Want a new car this year? One area where men do pay more is transportation, as they are considered less careful behind the wheel. Driving like a woman may be looked down upon, but men are statistically prone to be more involved in car accidents by a whopping %76. Consequently, companies will often offer men the more expensive packages, and the latter have little choice but to pay up. At least in this regard, you can be happy that you are, in fact, paying way less. But expect to be screwed when you take your car to the mechanic if you are a woman. 

What can you do?

Now that you are aware of the expenses, you know where to cut costs. Buying clothes online can be cheaper than going into the store, especially if they have promotions like 10% or even 20% off your first (or any) purchase. Once again, maybe you can consider masculine deodorants, soaps, and razors. Also, you can draw comparisons between websites online for certain products, so you can choose the one that works for you. Hopefully, a day will come where we are not punished for our reproductive organs.

*Photo courtesy of Tom Wang/Shutterstock.