Want to Achieve Financial Freedom? These 5 Blogs Can Help

Whenever a new year begins, many of us find ourselves thinking of the future. We make resolutions, buy jogging shoes, join gyms, and open savings accounts. We tell ourselves that we’ll cut back on our morning latte habit, bike to work, and go to bed earlier—and we really make an effort to do these things…at least, for a while.

But then something happens.

As the year progresses, the gym becomes less crowded, and the Starbucks line grows longer. We swap salad for pizza, and biking for driving.

But for those of us who have made it our resolution to achieve financial freedom, falling off the wagon can lead us into more debt, less savings, and an even worse situation to reckon with when next year rolls around.

So what should you do?

If you want to achieve financial freedom, you’re going to need a game plan that you can stick to. The following 5 personal finance blogs are a great place to start!

1. Budgets Are Sexy

Blogger J. Money began documenting his expenses in 2007, after buying a house and realizing that he didn’t know the first thing about money. Since then, he has been publishing his budget and tracking his net worth for the world to see, and the rest is history! In addition to displaying his own journey, J. Money’s popular blog also features numerous guest posts and links to other personal finance blogs. If you’re looking to get started managing your money, this is a great place to start.

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2. The Simple Dollar

The Simple Dollar is not just for people who want to better their finances, it’s for those of us who have made some serious monetary blunders in the past and want to turn things around. The blog’s founder, Trent Hamm, had a self-described “financial meltdown” in 2006, and has since managed to turn things around and then some. If you’re looking to wipe out your debt, erase harmful spending habits, and learn how to get and stay in “the black”, then The Simple Dollar is the blog for you.

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3. Cash Cow Couple

This blog was founded by a young married couple named Jacob and Vanessa, who are on their own road to financial freedom. Together, they paid off their student loans and increased their net worth by $50K during their first year of marriage. Now, they are sharing their secrets with the world. Jacob is earning his PhD in financial planning, so you know that the advice here is solid. Cash Cow Couple is a great place for money-minded millennials or any young couple that is starting a new financial journey together.

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4. Mr. Money Mustache

Mr. Money Mustache is written by Peter Avery, a Canadian expat living in Colorado with his wife (Mrs. Money Mustache) and son. Avery and his wife retired at 30, and live a life of financial independence by spending radically less than they earn. His website is part financial management guide, part lifestyle blog. Avery’s writing style is very entertaining, and his blog shows that anyone can live a frugal life, in any income bracket. If you’re interested in early retirement, wealth-building, or anything in-between, Mr. Money Mustache has what you need.

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5. I Will Teach You To Be Rich

Ramit Sethi began this blog as an extension of his bestselling 2009 book with the same name. IWTYTBR is very thorough, offering free tools and courses in addition to blog articles. Sethi’s approach to wealth involves making the right “big choices” so that you never have to focus on minutiae, such as “saving $2 or $3 on lattes.” Using a combination of economics and psychology, this is a blog for anyone who wants to take their earning a step further.

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